Jump! The World's Greatest Streakers Released

Small Robot has been working with documentary filmmakers Dan Emery and Mathieu Wacowich to redesign the site for their film Jump! The World's Greatest Streakers. On of the main things considered with this design is to continue the theme from the DVD and Poster marketing materials, and make it flow with a web interface. We think we have done a good job, and hope you do as well. The site is now live powered by Drupal and Ubercart at http://streakerfilm.com


ShowStoppers USA

In 2002 Chuck from ShowStoppers USA wanted to make his business grow by adding an online store. ShowStoppers USA had an advantage being that they were located in Southern California, center of the Sport Compact tuning world. With there existing customers wanting to view what they carried, and the goal of new customers, we built their site with the goal of being simple. Browse by car, then separate only by Performance or Appearance. This helped with sales as the customer was enticed by other products, kind of like an isle at the supermarket, where the customer sees more products per search, ones that they might have missed. 


Gentleman Joe

The owners of Gentleman Joe came to us wanting to make their site have a higher grade feel, something that would make visitors feel that their product was high quality. They had an existing site that was stale, and cluttered with menus and choices. We did a few exercises to make the choices more concise, and simple. With the added style and easy navigation, we were able to deliver a site that is not your average "tie" site.   

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